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Retirement (?) Part A

Sunday, February 2nd, 2014

Since being laid off in April, I’ve been renovating nonstop. DONE, but a week until my house of 34 years goes on the market. Am I finally retired or what? Can’t fathom the idea, but change is coming and it is both scary and exciting. Today: 1. After I cleaned some windows, sewed a table runner, and caulked a couple of sinks, a bunch of neighbors showed up and wanted to see the house. Some great comments; gratifying – I think maybe I did good. 2. Made some killer guacamole with generous dashes of habanero sauce (recently discovered when I visited my daughter in Mexico – soooo tasty), now watching the Super Bowl to try to better understand American culture (mystifying), and being reckless by having not one, but two margaritas. Does this presage what retirement will be like? Food exploration, maybe more margaritas? Anything is possible. Deep breath. Exhale.

The Next Phase

Friday, November 22nd, 2013

Three cycles:

  • Cycle 1 – In 1978, I moved to DC to start my first real job as an adult. In 2013, my career ended, a bit prematurely (long story).
  • Cycle 2 – In 1981, I got married. In 1992, my marriage dissolved.
  • Cycle 3 – In 1982, I bore the first of my three children. In 2012, the last of my children graduated from college and became self sufficient.
  • Three cycles – and full circle on all of them, putting me back to square one. I don’t think DC has another beginning for me, so for the last six months I have been renovating my home of 34 years and will move to another state in a few months. I finished the work on my house this week.

    So here is the Big Question: How do I be a real beginner again, like I was 45 or so years ago when I was a young 20-something with all the potential in the world? How did it feel to be open to whatever might happen? How was I able to live in the moment? After 45 years of responsibility, intense scheduling, and above all control, how do I slow down, drop my defenses, and let new experiences and people into my life again?

    I have no idea, but I hope I can do it.