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The Next Phase

Friday, November 22nd, 2013

Three cycles:

  • Cycle 1 – In 1978, I moved to DC to start my first real job as an adult. In 2013, my career ended, a bit prematurely (long story).
  • Cycle 2 – In 1981, I got married. In 1992, my marriage dissolved.
  • Cycle 3 – In 1982, I bore the first of my three children. In 2012, the last of my children graduated from college and became self sufficient.
  • Three cycles – and full circle on all of them, putting me back to square one. I don’t think DC has another beginning for me, so for the last six months I have been renovating my home of 34 years and will move to another state in a few months. I finished the work on my house this week.

    So here is the Big Question: How do I be a real beginner again, like I was 45 or so years ago when I was a young 20-something with all the potential in the world? How did it feel to be open to whatever might happen? How was I able to live in the moment? After 45 years of responsibility, intense scheduling, and above all control, how do I slow down, drop my defenses, and let new experiences and people into my life again?

    I have no idea, but I hope I can do it.

    Rearranging a life – part 1

    Saturday, June 28th, 2008

    Two weeks ago, my youngest child left home. Off to a summer job at camp, then to college. Since then, besides working some fiendish hours at my job, accomplishing weekend errands and chores, and terracing and planting my side yard, I’ve done some things I probably wouldn’t have done but for the empty nest:

    • Had a beer and a Nats Dog at a baseball game
    • Got to know a couple of people at a neighbor’s party
    • Listened to Moondi Klein, Jimmy Gautreau, Mike Auldridge, John Starling, and Emmylou Harris in concert
    • Ate crackers and cheese for dinner several nights in a row
    • Muddled mint and lime for a mojito
    • Listened to Caribbean jazz in the rain in the Sculpture Garden
    • Enjoyed several interesting meals at restaurants I’d never been to
    • Had my first pedicure
    • Signed up for more Lindy Hop lessons

    Not a bad start.