The Bad Dream

The bad dream goes like this. I have to do something, urgently. Something is lost and I can’t find it. I search, frantically. Then, suddenly, I’m somewhere else, somewhere I don’t recognize and far away from where I need to be. I try to run, I’m desperate, but my legs are enormous and move only with exquisite slowness. I run, run, run, run, but get nowhere. I wake up. The dream ends. Nothing is ever found, in this dream.

Used to be these dreams were about losing my children. This morning, the dream was about taking a college exam. I wasn’t prepared for the exam, then couldn’t find the page with the question, then suddenly was somewhere else and couldn’t find the exam book. Futile frantic flipping of pages instead of running, but this was the same old dream. Children are gone, but now I’m filling out job applications . . . go figure. You just have to laugh.

(By the way, in real life, the children never got lost and they grew into smart and capable adults.)

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