Laid off

I’ve neglected this blog for two years because I was so deeply consumed by my first job as an interior designer, with its long hours of intense learning and working. Time to ponder and write was . . . well, non-existent. On Friday, however, I got laid off, along with about 1/4 of my office – many of us junior staff. Now, it seems there will be some breathing space to think and write once more.

The last two years were exhilarating. I was fortunate to work for a large, well-respected firm with a true commitment to excellent design. I teamed with top-notch designers, befriended terrific clients, and learned a tremendous amount. I learned how develop and communicate a design vision, produce well-crafted and complete construction documents to bring that design into reality, and work with builders through the construction process. I am sorry it’s ended, but I understand. The current market has hit the architecture/design industry hard.

The next task, then, is to find another job and I don’t for a moment think it will be easy. Too many of us have been tossed overboard. However, as with any change, it will be a learning experience, an adventure, and maybe even the start of something better. Stay tuned.

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