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Thesis, at last

Saturday, April 12th, 2008

My graduate thesis is finally finished. Here’s what it’s about:


The competitiveness of a business providing services rather than goods rests on whether its customers perceive the services to be of good quality. Among the factors that strongly influence the perception of service quality is the interior environment of the place in which services are received.
The author reviews several lines of business-based research that examine how the interior environment affects customers’ perceptions of service quality, proposes a model synthesizing this research into seven primary influences on the perception of service quality – functional, temporal, physical, ambient, psychological, indicative, and social – and discusses the role that design of the interior environment plays in each of these influences. The concepts discussed in this paper are of significance to business because they demonstrate the value of design in a business setting and to the interior design profession because they expand the interior design body of knowledge beyond the confines of design-based research.

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