Pod vs. Bullpen – my turn

Today was the first day I sat in the bullpen, our studio having at last moved from the pods. (See previous posts: Cubicles and Bullpen vs. Pod) Once I got my workstation all arranged, I rather liked it. It’s light and airy and I enjoy being able to look out over the room and see who is there. I did, however, drag an extra table into my space giving me a right-angled worksurface to use, and I think that makes the otherwise straight workbench actually usable for me with my middle-aged eyesight.

I’m right in the big middle of the space, so there is a lot of activity all around me – people constantly walking past, a floor printer right behind me, an adjacent table that today attracted first a meeting then a plate of brownies (THIS is dangerous) – but today I wasn’t distracted. So far, it appears that people, on my floor at least, aren’t having any more trouble collaborating than they did in the pods.

This is only the first day, but it’s interesting that my initial reaction to the bullpen is different from what I would have expected given the results of my class study (see Bullpen vs Pod). Without further research, I can’t say why, but perhaps as I continue to work in the bullpen, I’ll have some better insight.

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