I have a new job. It starts at the end of this month. Though I told my current employer that I was leaving nearly 6 weeks ago, it’s not an easy time for them. I’ve been in the job for over 12 years and they depend on me. When I took the new job, it seemed as if 8 weeks would be plenty of time for them to find and for me to train a replacement, but none of the people they’ve interviewed satisfy them. Now it’s almost time for me to leave and it’s obvious that the new person won’t be on board before I go.

The change has brought up a number of emotions – some expected and some quite unexpected. I expected to feel sad to say goodbye to employers who have been good friends to me during a period of my life when I needed the kind of job they offered and who’ve been patient and understanding. I expected to feel excited at my new prospects. I expected to feel a bit of frenzy in getting tasks finished up. And I’m feeling all of these emotions.

What I didn’t expect is to feel oddly irritable. Some of this is because I’d have handled the new hire process more efficiently; some because I feel really sympathetic toward my employers for the difficult transition; some because the hiring process has consumed more hours than I expected and I’ll have to put in some overtime to get things in proper order for leaving. But this evening as I was driving home, I realized that much of this irritation is due to some deeper job frustrations that I’ve been suppressing for quite a few years. Odd how long you can put up with jobs that really don’t fit; strange how this gets so much harder when you no longer need to.

A few weeks from now the transition will be done. I’ll be in an exciting new job and hopefully my current bosses will have found someone they like who’ll bring new energy to their office. Leaving can be hard, but change is an terrific opportunity.

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