The blog experiment IV

It’s been nearly a year since I started this blog. My initial objectives were to network with other designers and make contacts within the design world, create a place to amass resource links to make finding things easier, and showcase my work. Some of these things have materialized and others have not. First, the networking idea has been a total flop. I’ve written a boatload of blogs and gotten about 3 valid comments. I did have an interesting but short exchange with a couple of these commentors, but by and large, the only “comments” I get are from spammers (20-30 spams per day). Clearly, if this objective is to be met, I need a very different approach.

Collecting links to resources has worked fine, but I haven’t had a studio since I began the blog, so haven’t had a chance to see if these resource collections will make it easier to find products. I think they will, so I’ll continue to collect.

What has proven to be worth the price of the ticket, however, is providing a place to store and show my portfolio. I did some job hunting this fall and was able to point people to the website. I think many of them appreciated the chance to see all my work on their own time and in one place. It certainly enabled me to dispense with carrying huge satchels of drawings to job interviews.

An unexpected bonus is that managing the blog has connected me to information simply because I’m out there looking for ideas to write about. Something catches my eye or a thought occurs to me, I do an online search, follow a few links, and invariably I find lots of amazing stuff. The blog, therefore, opens up lines of thought and provides inspiration.

So after almost a year of blogging, I have to conclude that it’s a valuable exercise, though perhaps not for the reasons I originally envisioned. It remains an experiment!

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