Fall semester 2006

My fall semester is underway and it’s going well. I’m taking two courses, Building Technology (in the Interior Design department) and Project Management (in the business school).

In Building Tech we’re learning the basics of building systems, writing a paper on some building technology, and either building a model or keeping a journal of visits to a construction site. I’m working on my model already – it’s a suspended acoustical ceiling hung from an open-web parallel-chord steel truss. To keep it all close to the belt, the paper will be on acoustical ceilings as well.

In Project Management, besides reading the text and taking exams, we’re working in teams planning a cross-cultural wedding. Our team’s two cultures are Nigeria and Sudan. Since I’m in the ID department, my part of the project will be to develop the interior spaces for the wedding festivities. I know these cultures have rich histories, gorgeous textiles, handcrafts, and design motifs, and beautiful wedding traditions, but I’ve been having some trouble finding information on the web.

Nothing very profound to be said about these two classes as yet – just reporting in.

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