The May garden

I’ve been busy since April’s gardening post. In the back yard, I pulled out all the old rectangular raised wooden beds, recontoured the plot into a more natural looking border, extended a cobblestone wall, created several new beds and a new flagstone path, spread some grass seed, pruned, edged, transplanted a whole mess of plants, and added some new ones. In the front yard, I hired a crew to haul the woodchips from the stump of the lost Norway maple back to the compost, till up a new (and huge) bed, install a couple of largish shrubs, and spread a truckload of mulch. Then I jumped in and planted a ton of perennials, transplanted more things from the back yard, and topped it off with a few annuals for instant color.

So, now almost the whole yard is cultivated, weeded, planted, and mulched (I never get it all under control at any one time, but each year I get a little closer). We’ve had a cool spring and everything looks neat, clear, and crisp. It won’t look so trim all summer, once the heat and bugs arrive, but the plants should mature and produce a good flower show anyway.

Here’s what’s blooming in late May:

Ageratum Azalea Bearded Iris Tuberous Begonia

Bleeding Heart Perennial Bachelor Buttons Chives Clematis

Coral Bells Coreopsis Cranes Bill African Daisy

Deciduous Azalea Tiarella (Foam Flower) Fuschia Gardinia

Gaura Geranium Gerbera Daisy Impatiens

Lamium Marigold New Guinea Impatiens Peony

Philadelphus Rose Salvia Siberian Iris

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