I have an enormous cookbook collection. A few years back, I bought several gourmet cake cookbooks (see partial list below) and wanted to make all the recipes. Because my family couldn’t handle that many cakes, I formed a small company, Charlotte’s, and roped in several of my friends to be my guinea pigs. Each of them got a new cake per month. I got to bake and experiment, and most importantly, taste each cake.

Eventually I got through quite a few recipes and even had a couple of wedding cake jobs. The most fun project was a Three Little Pigs scene for my daughter’s class.

This little business was a lot of fun. Not only did I have a chance to bake, but I got to take cake decorating and dried flower arrangement classes, amass shelves of mixers, baking pans, decorating tips, and other tools, learn how to make sugar paste flowers and candied violets, work with marzipan and fondant, and figure out how to transport three-tiered wedding cakes without collapse.

Here are a few of my favorites.


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