At last. A break in the schoolwork and a beautiful weekend. I spent the whole time in the garden, deep-sixing weeds, transplanting enormous clumps, and thinking about terraces. My old wood-framed vegetable beds have to go – the trees have grown to block most of the sun, so the days of vine-ripened tomatoes from the backyard are sadly past. Lots of new ideas are jumping into my head. I want to recontour the plot with stones and curves so I’m itching to go over to the quarry, haul in a few tons of rocks, and set to work. Before I do that, however, I need to dig out the old wood frames, move some plants, go to the hardware store to replace the shovel I busted prying up a stake, and of course make sure I have some time on my hands. A project is never straightforward.

I wish I had had some landscape design classes, but I’m finding that design is design. The same principles of proportion, line, and form apply whether it’s interiors, landscapes, architecture, or industrial design. What I have done by intuition for years is now backed up by a little education. With a lot more time and a fat pocketful of cash, I could make my backyard look really terrific.

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