The blog experiment II

Not much has happened on the blog experiment front. After the December flurry of sprucing up my website and signing up for blog indexes (see my earlier post describing what I did), it’s been pretty much me writing posts and nothing else. I’ve gotten a handful of thoughtful comments on my posts and another handful of spam “comments.”

Now that school has started, finding the time to work the web by reading and commenting on others’ blogs has been difficult. Because everyone is busy, particularly designers, my guess is the long-term answer to my early question of whether blogging is a useful tool for business networking for designers (see my post posing the question) will be no. Most people don’t have time to write or read blogs and post comments often enough to create anything more than occasional and fleeting contacts. On the other hand, I’ve only been at it a couple of months – it may simply take a long time to attract readers and commentors.

I did sign up for a networking tool, LinkedIn, which sounds as if it has potential. In a nutshell, people who sign up create links with people they know who are also participating. By linking to someone, you become indirectly linked to everyone that person has links with. You can ask your contact to introduce you via the site to any of their links or their links’ contacts. In theory, by using your contacts and introductions to your contacts’ links, your potential network quickly becomes vast and you could have access to people you would never had had an opportunity to actually meet – sort of a six-degrees-of-separation idea.

Almost immediately, I discovered that one of my contacts was linked to a person I had wanted to speak with about a school project. I requested my contact to pass on an introduction to this person. My contact forwarded my request to one of his links who was to send it on to the final person, but, unfortunately, the trail ended there and I never heard from the guy I wanted to interview. If it had worked, it would have been awesome, so I think there’s potential here.

So, no revelations or conclusions as yet and the blog experiment continues. More later.

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