Why this blog?

Thirty years ago, I graduated from Stanford with a BA in Fine Arts – and went to law school. Why law school? I was passionate about environmental causes and women’s rights and hoped legal training would allow me to do something useful for these causes. I’d visited a law school class and it reminded me of jigsaw puzzles and crosswords, two favorite activities. Using logic to come up with solutions seemed to fit my puzzle-solving mentality.

Law school was interesting and many aspects of my first law job were satisfying, but the adversariality of litigation made me uncomfortable. I traded the courtroom for a historic preservation policy position and, eventually, for at-home mom-ness. Meanwhile, art and design slipped into my life in the form of crafts and various projects at home – sewing, landscaping, baking, building.

A few years ago, I began to cast about for something new to do with myself when my youngest child goes off to college. Browsing through the catalogues of local colleges, I came across the Interior Design program at Marymount University, called the admissions office, and started classes the next week. It fits me perfectly, nicely combining my love of problem solving with my artistic talents and offering tools for doing something about environmental issues via sustainable design.

I’m going to use this blog (which my daughter Kate Zimmermann set up for me – more on her later) to track my progress through the second half of my master’s program, assemble some useful design resources, display my work, explore how the internet can be used in developing an interior architecture practice, and write about things that interest me.

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